Sharon’s Database Tools*

This plugin provides a front-end interface for a relational database designed to simplify and streamline office tasks.

  • Database Interface: Create and edit records for individuals or organizations; look up by name or filter by group; upload files or photos.
  • Custom Fields: Create and populate your own custom fields; see Tab 3 of interface.
  • Groups: Create your own groups for purposes of email, merge, directories, etc. Send a message to everyone in one group* by using a single email address. See Tab 2 of interface.
  • Database Search: Search within one field or multiple fields. Search results link to the entries in question.
  • Automated Duplicate Check
  • List Generator: Export information for groups, with fields/columns of your choice (including custom fields). Easily generate a list of names, emails, addresses, etc. Download a spreadsheet for merge purposes, or paste to Outlook.
  • Directories & Maps: Display dynamic directories–with or without photos–for any group or combination of groups. Interactive map* also available. Insert into any page with a configurable shortcode.
  • Accounting Tools: Develop budgets and track expenses, log transactions associated with any particular vendor (built-in database group, see Tab 5 of interface). Generate a check request* with a mouse click.

* Available only to North American Division clients